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I started W6 Property Solutions as a way to help others who are trying to sell their house but are not able to sell through traditional channels.  The information out there is very spammy and incomplete at best.  I wanted to develop a company based on helping people find solutions to their real estate needs, and to make sure I give a full and complete understanding of the process.  It is not just the questions you know to ask, but the danger is in the questions you did not know you should ask.  I look forward to helping you with all of the questions.

W6 Property Solutions is a professional family-owned business based out of Fort Worth, TX.  We are “A+” BBB Accredited.  Our focus is on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell your house.

Our Top priority is to help you find the best solution for  your problem houses.  Our second goal is the help improve the neighborhood by improving the house.  While not all homes need our assistance… I will always treat you with respect by being clear and honest upfront.  I look forward to working with you to design a solution that will be a benefit to you and your family.


Company Values:Tim Watts - owner Watts Buys Houses... we buy houses cash fast and as-is

  1. Professional Service – Our top priority is to help people find solutions.
  2. Transparency – We will go over all the numbers and answer questions until you are satisfied.
  3. Business is personal – we are people and we need to treat each other with respect
  4. No Pressure  Only sell if it benefits you 

Company Purpose:

  1. Help Homeowners solve their house problem.
  2. Help local Neighborhoods by bringing houses back to life one home at a time.
  3. Support our family through doing the first two goals well.

What does the W6 stand for?

Family W6Watts Family of 6.  I love my family and much of what I do is for them.  We started this company based on family values.  I wanted to be the kind of business that I’d be proud to tell my kids about.  We are not a national corporation, large equity firm out of Wall Street, or a Silicon Valley tech company.  We don’t have cartoon logos and we will do not hide behind a webpage or behind a phone number.  We are family and I want you to know who you are doing business with. I am so serious about providing high quality support that I put our name in the logo, and on the website:  www.WattsBuysHouses.com.

Transparent… I also want to be transparent.  There is no more transparent way to do business than to show you who I am.

Business is personal…. especially when you are dealing with stressful situations and are trying to maximize what you can get for your home.

BBB Accredited - Watts Buys Houses
Proud to be Accredited by the BBB





How We Work with Homeowners

Our goal is to consult with our clients to give them the data and information so that they can make the best choice for their situation.  We do not want you to sell to us unless there is a benefit to you and your family…. and it is a win-win for everyone.  We do not want to pressure anyone into a sell, and we are willing to work quickly to close on the date of your choosing.  Our number one value is service and putting your needs first.

We don’t just buy houses.  We provide solutions to homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like Foreclosure, rental property that is losing money, inherited a house that needs repairs, or needing to sell for a job transfer, etc.  We also look for houses that need repairs, so we can add value to the neighborhood by rehabbing those homes and making them safe, functional, and attractive again.


How We Work with Partners

We also like to partner with High quality | Ethical real estate professionals around the DFW metroplex.  We work with private lenders, Realtors, Contractors, and even other real estate investors to improve homes and provide solutions to our clients.  If you would like to join our team, contact us and let us know…. I would enjoy getting to know you and see how we can help our community together.

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